Everything Is Light

Everything Is Light.

About thirty years ago, I had a life-changing experience.   One night while I was sleeping I became conscious that I was floating above my body that was lying in bed still sleeping.  Instantly, I knew that ‘the real me’ was not sleeping.  I was awake and conscious.   My mind, my consciousness, my astral body was floating above my sleeping physical body.  In wonder, I looked around my bedroom and observed that every single item in my room was pulsating with light; the lamps, the chair, the carpet, the walls, the bureaus, socks on the floor, everything.  Everything shimmered with an aliveness of inner light.

I was astonished.  I raised my left hand up so that I could look at it and saw that I was a being, a form, of pulsating, shimmering light. As I observed my light form, I clearly heard a voice say, “You are light.  Everything is light.  There is nothing to fear when you can fall to the sky.”  I understood the meaning of that cryptic message as it related to my light form, the essence of me that was able to rise up out of my sleeping body; to ‘fall to the sky.’ I understood ‘there is nothing to fear’; that I was, I am, a conscious living being of light within a conscious universal light.

Still floating and dazzled as I was by the brilliance of the light of my raised ‘hand’, the light of the objects around me, and the voice, I was stunned when suddenly a brilliant light swept into the room and merged with me, filling me, surrounding me with what I can only describe as pure ecstatic love.  I have no words to adequately describe the sense of peace, well-being, acceptance, and pure love that I experienced in the presence of that Being of Light that I found myself immersed within.  It was pure rapture that I wanted never to end. 

But, of course, it did end.  Eventually, I woke up, looked around and observed the objects in my room and myself.  Everything looked as it always had in ordinary reality. I remembered that I had been so amazed at the shimmering light of my astral body and all the objects in the room.  I remembered thinking that comparing my shimmering light with the brilliance, the blinding luminosity, of the Being of Light that swept in was like comparing a 25-watt bulb with the sun.  That being said, in no way did I feel diminished.  I felt blessed. I had been shown a part of the mystery, the beauty, of conscious aliveness. 

That experience has helped sustain me through the trials and tribulations and the joys and accomplishments of everyday living. I know that I am so much more.  I know that we are all so much more.  I know that we are all part of a universal loving light. I share this story in the hope that someone might be inspired, or comforted, or even just relieved.  

Words are powerful.  Images are also powerful. My desire in each painting that I produce is to capture that essence of light that I observed, to portray the brilliance, the shimmering light of all. I have played with various art media and like all of them for different reasons, but I found that for me, for now, the medium of choice is digital art that is allowing me to play with light in fascinating ways.  I have only begun to play with digital art in the past few weeks.  I have a lot to learn about how to paint with it, but I intend to immerse myself in bringing light into my paintings in the hope of bringing more light and joy into this not-so-ordinary world in which we live.  I invite you to stay tuned.