Using the Hui-Yin Point in a Reiki Treatment

Using the Hui-Yin point in a Reiki treatment: The Reiki practitioner contracts the Hui-Yin point (the perineum) and places the tip of the tongue against the palate to create a bridge between the Functional Channel in the front and the Governor Channel in the back, forming a circular channel of Reiki energy to hold Reiki energy within the body and increase the flow through the hands while giving a Reiki treatment using the Reiki II symbols,. See the chart below.

A completed circuit of energy is referred to as the Microcosmic Orbit or The Small Heavenly Cycle.  A good referencefor learning the Microcosmic Orbit and The Large Heavenly Cycle (extending the energy to the soles of the feet) may be found in "Awaken Healing Energy Through the Tao by Mantak Chia (Amazon).

Reiki II Hui-Yin exercises help the practitioner to conserve the Reiki energy in the body, providing health benefits for the self, as well as, increasing the ability tocirculate the energy for an extended period of time (i.e. the length of the Reiki treatment.)

Following is a quick Hui-Yin exercise to practice.

Hui-Yin Reiki
Hui-Yin Reiki

This a "bare bones" exercise that focuses on circulating Reiki energy around the Microcosmic Orbit. Stand or sit, whichever is most comfortable, in a relaxed and safe setting. Take a few moments to relax the body and mind while taking comfortable, slow breaths.

Contract the Hui-Yin.  Place the tip of the tongue to the palate, the roof of the mouth, as far back as comfortably possible. Maintain these positions throughout the exercise.

Concentrate on bringing your awareness (i.e. attention, internal energy, and intention) to gather about an inch-and-a-half below andabout an inch behind the navel, also known as theTan Tien and "seat of Reiki."  Sense the energy in this space.  Feel it.  Don't just sit and think about it. Allow it to collect and pool in this area.

Next, bring your awareness down to the ovary (Kuan Yuan)/sperm (Jing Gong) place.  When sufficient energy has gathered (when you feel it, sense it, and have allowed it to collect), bring your awareness to the perineum (Hui-Yin.) When the energy has gathered at each point, move to the next one. Bring your awareness to the coccyx, the point at the very base of the spine (Change Chiang).

Sl0wly, direct the energy up the spine to the medula oblongota (Yu Chen), to the pituitary gland (Ying Tang), to the crown point (Pai Hui).

To connect the two channels, the Governor and the Functional, bring your awareness to the tip of your tongue touching your palate, the connection between the channels.  When you feel the connection in the tongue that indicates the flow is open, circulate the energy through from the Governor Channel to the Functional Channel. This connection enables the energy to flow down the Functional Channel and return to the navel, the "Seat of Reiki" and completes one cycle of the Microcosmic Orbit.

Practice circulating the Reiki energy.  The more you practice, the easier it will become to hold the Hui-Yin point and keep the tip of your tongue to your palate for extended periods of time.  The practice is also beneficial for your own health and well being.