What Do Bears, Badgers, Eagles and Tigers Have to Do with Meditation?

I was scouring through my files in preparation for "The Wondering Mind" newsletter about ESP, meditation, and shamanism when I came upon the following notes, hastily sketched after a silent, group meditation on a summer's night in 1991.  I had received the images and understandings that night, prior to any of the events that later unfolded. This information came unbidden; I had not asked for anything. My intention in mediation was to enter into silence as best I could.  I had merely quieted my mind and begun to observe the imagery on the backs of my eyelids. My notes indicate the images were shown to me in rapid succession and instilled a sense of urgency; that I pay attention and remember.  I offer it not as a political commentary or judgment, but merely as an example of information coming during meditative silence.


Meditation - Summer, 1991

I was shown a large brown bear lying on the ground.  Very ill, dying,  near death.

I was shown a small, rabid badger.  It was snarling and lunging at everything around it.  Extremely dangerous, hostile, would fight to the death.

I was shown a large, strong eagle, flying.  Its eyes were focused with single-minded determination on something in the distance. Anger,  revenge in its eyes. Unaware, not noticing its surroundings.  Not cautious.  Sure of its strength and purpose.

I was shown the eagle returning, wounded, possibly mortally.  Defeat, sadness, fatigue in its eyes.  Tail feathers on fire.  Struggling to get home.

I was shown a white tiger hiding in the trees adjacent to an open field. The tiger was strong, patient, waiting, watching for its opportunity to strike.

Upon coming out of the meditation, I "knew" the following:

The Soviet Union (the bear) would collapse.

The middle east (the badger) would erupt into a rage of anger and hostility and would attack with merciless vengeance in every direction, all over the world.

The United States (the Eagle) would retaliate with war, with a blind determination.  With single-minded purpose and brutal front-on attack, it would sufferand be seriously wounded, possibly unable to recover fully.

China (the tiger) watches and waits for its opportunity to pounce

"What Do Bears, Badgers, Eagles, and Tigers Have to Do with Meditation?" is an article written in April, 2007, by Sue Jamieson for "The Wondering Mind" newsletter on her former website, highland-shamanism.com.