Understanding Internal Imagery and Symbols in Dreams and Divination

Our language is rich in imagery that speaks to us. Dreams speak to us through symbolism and pictures speak a thousand words. There are many common, culturally understood meanings for symbols. (e.g. skull and bones, handicapped signs, stop sign, yield sign, etc.) We have an intuitive internal imagery and personal symbolic and metaphoric language. Understanding internal imagery and symbols in dreams and divination empowers us. And we have our own internal meanings for symbols that we have accumulated throughout our lives. You can program your own meanings for symbols so that when a programmed symbol arises for you in a situation or interpersonal communication you will have deeper understanding and insight.

When a symbol arises for you notice the image, the context, and the feeling associated with it for a more profound understanding. Read through the following and notice how context and feeling add to the understanding of images.

What do the following images intuitively suggest to you?

  1. egg shells
  2. ice
  3. a flag
  4. a car
  5. a heart
  6. a dollar bill
  7. water

What does the image suggest when it has a context? For example:

egg shells:

  1. walking on egg shells
  2. cracking an egg
  3. broken egg shells
  4. painted egg shells


  1. skating on ice
  2. ice cubes
  3. a floating glacier

a flag:

  1. waving a red flag
  2. a white flag
  3. a burning flag

a vehicle:

  1. red sports car
  2. Model T
  3. station wagon with wood siding
  4. a semi truck

a heart:

  1. valentine paper heart
  2. broken heart
  3. heart exploding into pieces
  4. heart with strings attached
  5. pumping heart

a dollar bill:

  1. shredded dollar bill
  2. stack of dollar bills
  3. dollar bill that “grows”


  1. calm ocean
  2. 30 foot waves
  3. torrential rain
  4. gentle rain
  5. babbling brook
  6. muddy, roiling river, overflowing its banks

Now, consider what an image or symbol suggests when it has a feeling associated with it?  The understanding of the possible meanings or messages of the following images is altered and enhanced by the associated feeling state. Let’s use various symbols associated with various feeling states:

a.      Image: valentine paper heart + Feelingapprehension

b.     Image: valentine paper heart  + Feelingjoy

c.      Image: valentine paper heart + Feelingsadness

d.     Image: galloping horse + Feelingjoy

e.      Image: galloping horse + Feeling fear

f.      Image: paper cup blowing in the wind  + Feeling enthusiasm

g.     Image: paper cup blowing in the wind  + Feeling loneliness

h.  Image: 30 foot waves + Feeling exhilaration

i.  Image: 30 foot waves = Feeling fear

Paying attention to imagery, context, and feeling allows us to deepen our understanding of messages in our dreams and divinations.  What are your dreams telling you?  What divinatory messages are coming to you?