Other Uses for Reiki

Reiki, as universal life energy, may be used in many diverse, healing ways with people, animals, food, plants, machinery, anything, anywhere.  Over the years I have gotten creative with the use of Reiki from doing a Reiki treatment on a sick cat to doing Reiki on the dashboard of a car with the intention of keeping the battery going on a very cold, dark, wintry night with a distance of several miles to get home.  I cannot say with any degree of certainty or seriousness that the Reiki on the dashboard charged the battery enough to get me home, or if I was being guided by angelic beings, or if I just happened to be lucky that cold night long ago.  Truth be told it was probably a combination of all three.  But, I can say that the aforementioned sick cat soaked up the Reiki and sought me out for more treatments for several nights.  He would hop up on the bed and bunt my hand until I woke up and did Reiki on him.  When he'd had enough, usually about 10 or 15 minutes worth, he would get up and curl up at the foot of the bed. I had an experience of giving a Reiki treatment to an elderly woman whose pet terrier insisted on laying on the woman's stomach during the treatment.  No matter how many times we gently tried to remove the dog and put him in another room, he made such a fuss that the woman finally relented and said he could stay.  Fortunately, it was a small dog.  He curled up and promptly went to sleep.  About a half hour into the treatment I noticed that dozens of fleas were hopping off the dog, scurrying to get away.  My client was aghast (as was I) and said she had tried several shampoos and treatments to get rid of the fleas, but nothing had worked.  Apparently, the fleas found the Reiki energy to be too much and abandoned ship.  Reiki energy knows where to go to affect what healing is needed.   A follow-up months later found the dog still free of fleas.  Who would have thought?

I have used Reikito energize my food, my water, my vitamins and occasional medicines. As I was writing this I had a flash of insight that I may Reiki my glass of wine tonight.  Why not?

On a serious note, years ago, my youngest son at the age of thirteen was stricken with a life-threatening illness and was hospitalized.  I had completed my First Degree, Reiki I several years prior tothe onset of his illness and had used Reiki energy healing with my family and friends on many occasions.    At that time, Reiki and Therapeutic Touch were not options within the medical profession.

None of the medical staff thought it was unusual that I spent my time standing next to my son's hospital bed with my hands on him.  No one realized that I was doing Reiki on him,  who was, as a result of the illness, quadriplegic and ventilator dependent.     I decided to use a small double-terminated quartz crystal in my Reiki healings with him in order to amplify the Reiki energy.  I had not done Second degree,  Reiki II, at that time and did not know about the Cho Ku Rei symbol of empowerment.  I treated my son with Reiki while holding the crystalunder the back of his neck with one end pointing toward the top of his head and the other directed toward his feet.  Within three days he felt tingling in his right hand and by the end of several weeks he was able to feel tingling throughout his limbs and the physical sensations of cold and heat.  The medical staff were astounded at his progress as the prognosis had been complete quadriplegia and total lack of sensation. When I had begun the treatments with the crystal it was an exceptionally clear stone.  After several weeks of daily use it had become cloudy with specks of black and cracks inside it and eventually broke in two.

In 1988 my reason for getting attuned in Usui Shiki Ryoho Method of Reiki Natural Healing, first degree Reiki I,   had been curiosity about learning what Reiki was.  After the illness of my youngest son, I looked into every avenue of healing that I could learn so that I could help him as he progressed through one health crisis after another as a result of his illness.  In 1994 I completed the Second Degree in the UsuiShiki Ryoho Method of Natural healing, in which I learned the Reiki II symbols and meanings.  In 1995 I attained the Reiki Mastership in the Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Method of Natural Healing in order to attune my husband, my two sons, and a couple of friends to help. Eventually, I began to offer small Reiki classes on a request basis to teach and do the attunements, which I continue to offer to this day.

Reiki I, Reiki II, and Reiki Mastership workshops are taught by Reiki Master Teacher, Sue Jamieson at the Highland Center for Health and Healing.