Ancient Techniques for a Modern World

How do ancient techniques for a modern world apply to us? The late, John E. Mack, M.D., a renowned Harvard psychiatrist and beloved and missed friend, spoke about how our culture has constructed a universe in which the seen and unseen realms, the physical and the non-physical, have been kept largely separate. John often lamented that this narrow view had limited our capacity to perceive or experience the exquisite and awesome beauty, magnificence, and transcendent power of those other dimensions. The concept that we live in a multidimensional universe is not familiar or not accepted by much of Western society. Our ancestors, however, did accept our universe as multidimensional and devised methods to explore and gather knowledge from its many realms.  From time immemorial peoples have journeyed, using tools and techniques for inducing trance states, such as drumming, rattling, and chanting to access the other-world realms of the helping spirits and totemic beings for spiritual truths and knowledge of healing, art, science, technology, ecology, and more. Fine-tuning their innate abilities of dreaming and of using extrasensory perception, ESP, skills in telepathy, clairvoyance, and precognition, they navigated through an uncertain world and guided their communities through periods of profound change.

A resurgence of spirituality, a craving for an understanding and experience of the ineffable, are major motivating forces in our lives. Many people are seeking answers, meaning, and purpose. Although a regular paycheck, a vacation in the Bahamas, or a new car might be wanted or needed depending on one's current status or viewpoint, more often than not, a sense of "there must be more to life than this" pervades.  Again and again, we find that these outside "trappings" in the end leave us feeling unfulfilled and looking for more, and feeling, well… trapped.  So, where do we look?

Although it's been said so often it's nearly become a cliché ... look inside. Traverse the inner realms. Take time for meditation to still your chattering mind and relax your body.  Learn to tap into and use your ESP as you navigate through your day.  Learn to lucid dream. Journey to the helping spirits to explore and expand your understanding of your world.  Sit in silent prayer.  There are myriads of ways to access your inner self; the truth and beauty of who you are and why you are here.

From within, open to the infinite wisdom, the repository of memories, and the creative potential of inner and outer universes. Participate as conscious creators and co-create universal harmony and well being.  You'll feel better and the world will be a better place, as a result.

"Ancient Techniques for a Modern World" is an article written by Sue Jamieson in "The Wondering Mind" newsletter on her former website,