I invite you to peruse my gallery, and please know reproduction prints and cards of most paintings are available.  If you find art that speaks to you and would like to purchase a print of any of the available art you see on my website, please fill out the form letting me know which print you are interested in. I will get back to you as soon as possible.  Of course, my website name that is in the middle of each piece of artwork on the website as a copy protection will be removed from purchased prints and cards.  


Prints are 8"x 10"  or 5" x 7" reproductions of the original art with backing, mat, and plastic sleeve for protection.

An 8" x 10" print comes with backing, mat, and protective plastic sleeve with a finished size of 14" x 16".   $40.00 plus tax and shipping.

A 5" x 7" print comes with backing, mat, and protective plastic sleeve with a finished size of 11" x 14". $25.00 plus tax and shipping.

Cards are 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" note cards, each individually encased in a clear protective envelope. The insides of the cards are blank.  $4.00 each plus tax and shipping.  Minimum order of five.

Additional Information

We have all experienced moments of inspiration, moments of sublime well-being, and moments of transcendence. Art provides an avenue into such moments. Art expression is a form of healing, an art for the soul. Healing and art are fundamentally interchangeable in all aspects of life. 

My art is a self-expression of healing and well-being. It is my soul art. Sources for my richly diverse artistic process are inner healing inspirations from meditations, dreams, and shamanic journeys of communing with spirit, as well as, the external, mundane everyday experiences of living.  

I have worked with and played with various media and subjects.  For media, I use watercolor, acrylics, pastels, and more recently, digital art. Subjects range anywhere from silly to sublime; from cute cats with an attitude to shamanic spirit cougars. Each medium, each subject is a means of expressing the inner essence of my being, the hidden truths, the inspirational guidance of those creative moments. They serve as powerful visual representations and reminders of my unique ‘soul speak’ in the moment.


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